When thinking about which platform will be the perfect ecommerce solution for your online store, the truth is that there is no one, correct answer since every platform out there has its own pros and cons that you will definitely have to consider before you choose one. And while there are many choices out there, we have combined what we think are the four best ecommerce solutions to help you narrow down your options.

Magento is an ecommerce solution that is extremely elastic, and we say that because of its ability to fit the needs of small businesses, as well as large ones, which in our opinion, makes it the most scalable platform on our list, and in general. The biggest thing that makes this platform so popular is the fact that it is open source, which means that adding features to it is extremely easy and it makes the platform almost entirely customizable.

BigCommerce is an ecommerce solution that is built so suit scaling businesses and we would say that this platform is your best bet if you want to launch a store that can eventually grow into something that is much bigger and also much more profitable. As the platform goes, it is definitely not the most customizable one, but you have some customization room. It also has a very clean user interface that is very easy to navigate.

PrestaShop allows you to create a free online store like any other ecommerce solution, but the special thing about this one is that it allows you to do that quickly and easily. This means that you can upload your product catalog, add all of the features you want and then start selling immediately. As an ecommerce solution that has over 70.000 users, you can count on the users support, as well as support from the experts at PrestaShop , as well as training opportunities that they offer, so this way you can always be sure that you will be able to find help regarding the platform, whenever you might need it.

 Shopify is an ecommerce solution that is very simple to use, which makes it simple for you to get your store started as well. This platform is easy to set up, has a very quick loading speed and offers safe payments gateways and that is one of the major reasons of why this platform is arguably the most popular platform amongst customers. It also has great customer support with a very extensive FAQ database and knowledgeable representatives that are ready to assist store owners and developers 24/7 via phone, chat or email.

Now that you have seen our picks for what we think are the best ecommerce solutions, it is now up to you do to the rest. Like we said, you need to look at all of your options and consider all of their pros and cons, what you need for your business and what you don’t, and if you think that there is something that would harm your business then it is up to you to cast that option aside.

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