Due to the increase in online stores and the whole area of online shopping in general, the demands of customers when it comes to ecommerce solutions are bigger than ever, which means that ecommerce companies have to continue to innovate and deliver increasingly powerful features for their platforms. And while there are many ecommerce platforms out there, here are some reasons why you should consider going for Shopify.

As an ecommerce solution, Shopify is probably the favorite amongst owners of online stores. One of the things that makes Shopify so popular is probably the ease with which you can set up your online store and with the increasing expectations that we mentioned earlier, the platform has been able to evolve alongside the constantly changing needs of most businesses. Apart from having an easy setup, this ecommerce solution is also known for having a quick loading speed which is important for customers. Bu the thing that is probably most important for online shoppers is to be able to pay without fear and Shopify offers just that with the safe payment gateways that it comes with. And if you are into customization, you get hundreds of templates that let you customize your landing page and give it that custom look you want.

To give you a good look at this ecommerce solution, however, it is only fair to mention some of its downsides as well. Arguably the biggest downside of it is that it limits your ability to customize your checkout page, and although it allows you to have some control over it, it is a very minor level of control. So, if you have an idea exactly how your checkout page wants to look like and you are not willing to give up on it, then Shopify probably isn’t for you.

When it comes to the pricing, this ecommerce solution offers plans that vary from $9 to $179 per month. What determines the exact price you will have to pay is the amount of features that you want in your online store. Something that some people also consider as a drawback is that different plans mean different features and different prices which is not the case with some of the other platforms.

While there are many other ecommerce solution platforms out there, we think that Shopify is the best one for you. Even though there are some drawbacks, that is the case with any platform and we feel that with this particular one, the pros outweigh the cons.

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