An ecommerce platform is probably the most important part of the whole retail experience. While most websites refer to ecommerce platforms as a shopping cart or basket, but the truth is that no ecommerce website can succeed without some kind of checkout solution. It can be very difficult and very expensive for small businesses to effectively implement these ecommerce solutions, so it is very fortunate that there are many effective and affordable ecommerce solutions available to retailers today. Here are the three platforms that are considered as one of the best out there right no.


This is an ecommerce platform that can provide you with an attractive and very effective shipping and checkout ecommerce solutions. One of the best things about Magento is that it has almost endless customizing possibilities and this is especially useful for companies that sell products that are unusual or unique and might require to be broken down into categories that other companies might not need. However, the fact that this platform is so open to customization means that it is harder for inexperienced users to successfully implement it, but Magento has also made sure to ease that as well by giving you more than 15.000 innovators at your disposal. This is because most of the changes and customizations other users make are shared online, which means you can copy them and implement them yourself for free. This ecommerce solution also offers their customers a wide range of payment options that are integrated with existing solutions like PayPal and


This platform is designed and developed specifically to add extra ecommerce capabilities to an already existing WordPress website. However, as WordPress is about the most popular and easy to use platform out there, for most business this is not really much of a problem. This ecommerce solution is completely free for you to use as a plugin which also makes it very simple for you to add an online store and checkout store to your already existing website. Because of this, Woocommerce is a great way for small businesses to turn their websites into a very responsive ecommerce platform. This platform doesn’t offer any website themes, but that again isn’t really an issue since Woocommerce integrates with the theme of your WordPress website.

These are only a couple of platforms that can be the perfect ecommerce solutions for you. When choosing your platform, remember to make sure that it fits with the shape and size of your business as well as the existing architecture that is already in place on your website and then it’s only a matter of finding the right tools for you.


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